Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear Friends,

“May all beings be happy. May all beings find light. May all beings find illumination.”

These are the words of prayers that I say with my children every night. Everyone wants to be happy. What brings happiness to one being—be that a person, a dog, or a ghost—will be different than what brings happiness to another. Each being is both unique in their journey and yet identical to all others in their fundamental aspiration towards happiness. Conditions change; our needs change with them. But our desires, our deeply held passions, stay with us not only for years, but across the years and from lifetime to lifetime.

Do you want to be happy?

Would you like to awaken your dormant potential of psychic clarity, inner bliss, and, from that, health and longevity?

Would you like to have the ability to reduce or even remove the pains of life to the point of its appearing nearly miraculous?

As a young neophyte I remember meeting lodge members and independent practitioners who, despite their advanced age, looked and acted decades younger. It would only be upon their passing that I would realize how old they were, and that they had managed to “beat the game” and live long, healthy, and vital lives—often into their 80s and 90s, and, in a few cases, into the triple digits. What was their secret or secrets? Some of this I have discussed in The Path of Alchemy – Energetic Healing and the World of Natural Magic and some in Kabbalah for Health and Wellness. Now I will detail more of the technical and little-known esoteric material in Child of the Sun – Psychic and Physical Rejuvenation in Alchemy and Qabala.

Here are the guiding principals in this work:
• “Whatever may be accomplished by a simple method should not be attempted by a complicated one,” and,
• “Ignis et Azoth tibi sufficiunt” (“Fire and the First Matter are Sufficient”).

In this book we will detail some of the most direct and effective methods for psychic and physical regeneration known, techniques that can be done by anyone, anywhere, and under any circumstances.
Many people tell me they want this very knowledge. It is with the desire to help them along their way that I have chosen to write Child of the Sun, but time is limited. I can write books based on decades of experience, or I can spend time on my own practice, career, and caring for my family. I can write books that have proven benefits for their readers, or I can spend time working on layout and design when there are others who can do this better, faster, and more economically than I. I can write books, or...well, you get the picture. Time is precious; it is the only true resource we have, and it is non-renewable. Once spent, it does not return. So, if you would like to add some quality and quantity to your lifespan, to your spiritual and physical health, you need to dedicate the time and resources that will allow that to happen for you.

Part of that dedication is helping those who are able to help you.

The Institute for Hermetic Studies runs its programs and activities primarily from the goodwill of its dedicated donors. Through their generosity we have been able to hold numerous free and low-cost educational programs across the years. Now we are looking to you, asking you to join their ranks, so that we can continue to make the best use of our time here (and yours as well) by producing critically important esoteric titles.

The Institute for Hermetic Studies fundraising campaign will provide the funds necessary to bring the next two volumes of the IHS Study Guide Series into print. These titles are:
Child of the Sun – Psychic & Physical Rejuvenation in Alchemy and Qabala (IHS Vol. 3)
Sea of Sapphire – Visionary Techniques and Talismanic Magic with the Tree of Life (IHS Vol. 4)
For more information on this campaign and how your donation—be it $5 or $500—can make a critical difference in your search for health, happiness, and Illumination, please visit:

Become a genuine Child of Hermes. Take advantage of this opportunity to feel good by doing good, knowing that your financial support is needed, appreciated, and helping both others and yourself on the journey we call “The Path of Return.”


Mark Stavish

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