Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dear Friends,
Five is one of those wonderful numbers that we often come across in esotericism. For many, it is most clearly associated with the pentagram, Geburah (the fifth sphere of the Tree of Life), and, by default, the planet Mars. There is also the Hebrew letter Heh, and several different Tarot cards and Paths on the Tree of Life that vary across the source and system being referenced.
Five is all of the Elements, all that is, and all that potentially can come from their innumerable combinations. It is Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and the Space from which they all arise—that which gives them being and substance. Efforts have been made to enumerate those combinations: say, 25 possible variations, or twelve and twenty-four for the permutations of the Tetragrammaton (the fifth Element is always present and all-encompassing, therefore not distinctly represented) and the Elders of the Apocalypse...you get the point, these variations have a nearly infinite degree of sub-variations and relationships to one another, just as a natal chart has a Sun Sign and a Rising Sign, along with other influences at work.

For us, Five is the number of action. It is the Elements not in a static or theoretical state, but active and manifesting. This is why it is also given to Mars, as action requires energy and force directed at a specific point, like an arrow or a spear. Mars energy is not meant to be dispersed in a vague and general pattern until it ripples into oblivion—something too many people allow their lives to do—but should instead be brought to a single point for a single purpose, at a specific moment in time.
We say “every man and woman is a star,” but what do we mean by that? It certainly does not refer to their individual YouTube Channel, but rather to their capacity to create a brilliant and meaningful life for themselves. To do this, all of the Elements must be brought into focus—again, brought to a single point for a specific objective.

Knowledge of Mars also means that we know what to get rid of, what to keep, and when to stop. It is a lack of these qualities that gives rise to the more negative experiences of Mars. We need to focus; e.g., when I write a book, I have a thesis statement and a general outline to keep me on track. It is a book not an encyclopedia I am writing! I need to know what is important in relation to the thesis and what is not. I need to know when to stop—when will it be finished? To paraphrase writer-director-producer George Lucas, in some ways, we never complete the work, we simply abandon it—and that is true. At this point I stop, and at this point the task has come to an end. If all is good, it will be successfully completed.
The same is true with the present fundraising campaign. In four weeks it will come to an end. I desire that it should be a success; in other words, that it will have achieved its goals so that in turn we can use the resulting resources to complete our stated publishing projects. Regardless, the time will come when time itself runs out, and that is the other message of Mars: time is the only resource we have—use it wisely, decide on specific goals, achieve them, and build a life for yourself that makes you truly shine like a Star in the heavenly firmament.

How do we do this, you ask? Simple. Every morning pick one goal you wish to achieve that day, and do it. Just one. When you get good at getting one thing done move on to two. This can even be as simple as making sure your bed is made after leaving it, or that the dishes are out of the sink. Size of the task is not important; repeated conscious dedication to its achievement and then success in its accomplishment are what matter. This is why many people have a “to do” list of tasks. Once one is done they can go down the list to the next. This is why writers often use an outline, to allow them to focus and move quickly and seamlessly to their next topic.
The seeds of gold are in iron, be sure to water them daily.
This week we started Week Five of our eight-week fundraising campaign. Our objective is clear: to achieve our goal of $4,000 for the publishing of two new titles in the Spring of 2015. We are asking you to be a part of it, and appreciate your support. 

Mark Stavish

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